The Arts Challenge Gallery
Alexander’s work
Reading the haiku of Mondrian’s work
Finished piece based on Romare’s work
Finished piece based on Calder’s work
Students from the North Metropolitan Education Region competed in the annual PEAC Arts Challenge Day at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. An initiative of the North Metropolitan PEAC region, the competition is now in its 8th Year, and has developed into a much anticipated event on the calendars of PEAC and AGWA alike. Eight teams from across the State competed in the challenge this year, some travelling from rural areas in the southwest. This year, students had the great privilege of being able to view and engage with the “Picasso to Warhol” exhibition currently on show at the gallery. Beginning with a guided tour, students were then asked to use one of the artworks as inspiration to create a haiku as a performance piece.  Additionally, students worked in their teams to create a collage with a Perth theme called “Figure in the Urban Environment”, using the Romare Bearden collages as a starting point. The final task was inspired by Alexander Calder’s stabiles, and required students to create their own sci-fi creature in the form of a stabile. Eight students from the North Metro region participated in this event. Most of them had never met each other and it was to their credit that they worked so well as team to create their artworks as seen in the photos. Congratulations to all of you! .
The Quiz - 10 out of 10
Working together
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Round Two 2019   4 June - 23 August