Welcome to the PEAC Course Preference System for Round 3 Students are not to proceed without prior consultation with parent(s). Please follow the steps to submit your preferences for PEAC courses. Step 1. Choose from the available courses in the booklet below. Read the booklet carefully and choose up to four Centre-based courses or three Online courses. To maximise your chance of being placed into a course, choose as many preferences as you can. You limit your chance of a placement by entering fewer courses. However remember to only enter preferences for courses you CAN and WILL attend. Step 2. Have you completed an online version of the Health & Privacy Form before? If not, or you need to update your details, click here to open the form. Otherwise, proceed to step 3. Step 3. Click the link below to proceed to the Course Preference System. **Online and Centre-based course preference systems have now merged**
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Round Three 2017   4 Sep - 24 Nov
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** Closing date is 11:59 PM 15 August, 2017 **
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