Course Preference System for all online and centre-based courses IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ Logging on o Students log on using their first and last name, date of birth and School. o Students select courses they CAN and WILL attend. o No spaces are accepted in the names. For example, Vincent Van Gogh will be entered as Vincent VanGogh. Hyphens (-) and apostrophes (’) are accepted. o If you receive an error, try using your preferred name. For example, Amanda Smith may be registered as Mandy Smith or vice versa. o Once submitted, choices cannot be changed. Car-pooling o Those wishing to carpool to centre-based courses can place a request in the preference system. o For carpooling requests to be considered, students must be from the same school, enter the same course preferences in the same order. Correct spelling of names is also required.   o We will endeavour to place students who car-pool together in the same courses however it cannot be guaranteed, especially if there are a high number of applicants for the chosen courses. Troubleshooting o If for any reason a student has difficulty logging in, contact their PEAC School Coordinator to ensure their details are correct. o If a mistake is made when selecting a preference and you have not submitted the form yet, press cancel and start again. o If you need to change your preferences after submission, please contact us.
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