Course Preference System IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ Logging on o Parents log on using their child’s first and last name, date of birth and school. o Select courses students CAN and WILL attend. o No spaces are accepted in the names. For example, Vincent Van Gogh will be entered as Vincent VanGogh. Hyphens (-) and apostrophes (’) are accepted. o If you receive an error, try using your preferred name. For example, Amanda Smith may be registered as Mandy Smith or vice versa. o Once submitted, choices cannot be changed. Car-pooling o Those wishing to carpool to centre-based courses can place a request in the preference system. o You must discuss carpooling plans with the other parents involved BEFORE entering a request.  o In order for a carpooling request to be recognised by the web application, parents must agree and enter the same information: students must be from the same school, the same course preferences must be entered in  the same order, the students being carpooled must be listed and the correct spelling of each student’s full name is required. o The application will endeavour to place students who car-pool together in the same courses however it cannot be guaranteed, especially if there are a high number of applicants for the chosen courses. Troubleshooting o If you experience difficulties for any reason, you can contact your PEAC School Coordinator for assistance. o If a mistake is made when selecting a preference and you have not submitted the form yet, press cancel and start again. o If you need to change your preferences after submission, please contact PEAC Administration.
Enter the Course Preference System
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