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Round Two 2019   4 June - 23 August
Rocketry Journal Entry  For this course I would say it would be a dream come true for everyone interested in rockets. This course also covers a bit of electrical circuits as well. I would recommend this to anyone looking  for a really interesting course.   - Rosie Rocketry Journal Entry  If you want to do Rocketry you have to be kind careful and organised. You have to be able to deal with disappointment. If you are all of these, along with maturity, this course in amazingly awesomely fun! - Will Rocketry Journal Entry  Iíve had around 5 PEAC courses and every single one has been fun in its own way. However this course has somehow topped them all. We get to go outside and have some fun. We get to build rockets and fly them. What more can you ask for? - Ash